Certified Post-Rehabilitation Specialist Program

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Become a Certified Post-Rehabilitation Specialist (CPRS) and earn continuing education. Augment your professional mastery of functional anatomy and biomechanics behind both everyday and sport movement, including:

  • Joint mechanics, connective tissue, and muscles required with movement;
  • Biomechanical analysis of prime movements (i.e., squat, lunge, diagonal forward, and reverse lunge);
  • Recognizing normal vs. abnormal movement patterns;
  • How to assess, correct, and apply this knowledge with research;
  • Designing effective programs based on the principles of Periodization Training and Tudor Bompa;
  • Identifying weak links in the body and common movement dysfunctions affecting the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, and special populations; and
  • The foundation of science, assessments, and application science of human movement.

The CPRS program, designed and delivered by Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems provides a convenient, comprehensive and engaging online process:

  • Home Study Courses: Access 10 home study courses (comprised instructional video, workbook and practice quiz). The home study courses prepare you for the 125 multiple-choice test and Skills Assessment (oral exam and practical exam). Videos are downloadable, so you can view and learn from anywhere--no internet connection required. View home study course info here.
  • Test: Review your knowledge with a 125 multiple choice exam.
  • Review Seminars: Benefit with an online, engaging, real time, 2-day seminar with Chris Gellert, PT, MMusc & Sportsphysio, MPT, CSCS, C-IASTM, CPC / Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems, LLC / Founder and CEO. View more seminar info here.
  • Exam: Oral exam and practical exam.

Conveniently earn BOTH your CPRS and continuing education units for these professional boards: NATA-BOC 12 CEU | ACE 3.5 CEU | NASM 1.9 CEU | NFPT 4 CEU | NSCA 1.9 CEU

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the foundational anatomy and functional anatomy behind both daily and sport-specific movements.
  • Perform common muscle length assessments of the lower body and functional assessments of the shoulder and spine.
  • Differentiate how the joints of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and spine move.
  • Perform a musculoskeletal movement screen after completing the CPRS certification.
  • Interpret recognizing normal vs. abnormal movement patterns, and be able to modify and select appropriate exercises.
  • Identify the fundamental components behind both a musculoskeletal and movement screen
  • Distinguish the difference between a ligament and a tendon injury.
  • Distinguish the difference between tissue healing vs. bone healing.
  • Identify the principles of Periodization Training and Program Design.
  • Perform a sports performance assessment using one agility, one speed and one power assessment measurement tools.
  • Differentiate between common orthopedic, neuromuscular, cardiopulmonary, cardiovascular and special population dysfunctions.
  • Design customized post rehabilitation exercise programs that are scientifically based and supported with evidence-based research for common orthopedic lower and upper body dysfunctions.
  • Interpret the fundamental concepts of mobility and stability as it relates to how the ankle, knee, hip, and lumbar spine move.

  • Defend when prescribing any exercise, and when to recognize to modify or progress based on science and evidence-based research.
  • Define the four key training variables, or FITT principle (Frequency; Intensity, time, type).

View the complete description and FAQ of this new CPRS program here.

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