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Intensive Diabetes Management

7th Edition | 10 CPEU
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Intensive diabetes management is the process by which blood glucose levels are closely controlled using multiple daily insulin injections or an insulin pump. Intensive Diabetes Management is geared toward the health care practitioner who wants to implement this method in his or her patients. This course, based on the updated 7th edition of the indispensable reference includes the latest advances in research and therapy. The data, guidelines, and procedures reflect the latest positions of the American Diabetes Association's standards of care.

Although difficult to maintain, intensive diabetes management has proven very effective and is now the rule, rather than the exception, in diabetes care. People who use this method of diabetes management must be closely aligned with their health care team and highly motivated because it not only requires scrutiny of blood glucose levels, but also constant monitoring of food intake and medication dosage, among other things. Virtually all patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes can improve their glycemic control and overall health through intensive diabetes management.

This course emphasizes a team approach to patient care and offers guidance in helping patients move toward treatment goals appropriate for their individual skills and medical condition. Individual sections address all the key topics in intensive diabetes management, including rationale/physiological basis, team approach, education, psychosocial issues, patient selection/goals of therapy, insulin regimens, insulin pump therapy, monitoring, and nutrition management.

Learning Objectives
  • Implement the data, guidelines, and procedures reflect the latest positions of the American Diabetes Association's standards of care for intensive diabetes management.
  • Utilize a team and multidisciplinary approach towards treatment goals and clinical care.
Exam 40 multiple choice questions. Downloadable. Unlimited retakes. View our "How It Works" video.
Book Paperback, 166pp. Jul 2021. ISBN-13: 978-1580407694. Book preview
CDCES Continuing Education Professionally accepted for continuing education. View info.
This course is also accepted by the Commission on Dietetic Registration and may be used towards the continuing professional education unit (CPEU) requirement for dietetic professionals (RDNs & NDTRs).
Expiry date May 31, 2024
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